Slab Mold Made with Acrylic?


I recently saw a slab mold divided up into compartments. It was made out of acrylic. Can you make a custom mold like this for us?


Thank you for contacting Willow Way. We do not make nor sell a Slab Mold as you describe.

Molds made of Acrylic plastic will eventually break down and start cracking from the essential and fragrance oils. It takes time but it will happen with the heat up and cool down of the plastic and absorption of oils. It is a real disservice to the unaware SoapMaker, who has spent good money purchasing these. We used to make them for ourselves and when we found out what would happen under constant use, went to HDPE.

We have seen many companies come and go in our industry, taking customers money along with them, doing no testing or research on their products, caring little about the effect their temporary presence, had on our industry and the customers they left behind.

We will not make individual bar, divider molds. The Loaf Mold is a better option however, we do make custom slab molds. They will last for many years to come. The divider; though it looks like it will save time by not having to cut your soap, really doesn’t. The mold will have to be either, put in the oven to heat up or put it in the freezer over night to release easily. Well…. you can pull the dividers out with a pair of pliers but that’s easier said than done. The time that it is wasted doing any of these could have been used to cut the soap, not to mention the wasted energy.

Thing is…. are you intending to grow, sell more soap? Is this a viable solution for the future? No, Of course not, if it were, most Professionals would be using them. There are hundreds of these failed experiments out there collecting dust.