Additives in your Bath Bombs

Use of Additives

The tightest, fine-textured, hardest, fizziest, most shippable Bath Bombs, are just plain ole’…..citric acid, baking soda, scent, some oil & witch hazel.

Any dry ingredient other that Baking Soda and Citric Acid can ruin Bath Bomb production and Bath Bomb (BB) quality.

Think about it; adding things like salt, cornstarch, Epsom salt or clay, is useless in the average tub full of water. 40 gallons of water and a tea-spoon or two of what? The recommendation for Epsom Salts in the aver-age tub of water is 2-3 cups, 2 1/2 being standard. There are 16 table-spoons in a cup. So ideally you need at least, 32 tablespoons of Epsom salts to really do your customer any good.

What your customer may figure out; Here’s an example of “iffy” marketing. How many people buy a Hershey chocolate bar thinking they are getting 100% milk chocolate?…..I bet millions. They actually do get some 100% chocolate but the most of it, is…..other stuff. Do you want to be found wanting when your customer adds up how much they really are getting from “therapeutic ingredients” in your product?

Here are some of the benefits they can get; true aromatherapy (Eos), moisturizing for the skin, a pleasing and refreshing aroma, fun & relaxation because it is more than just a bathtub full of water.

Some Additives are like trying to mix oil and water to a bath bomb.

Some powders simply do not bond well.

If after using the starting recipe you decide to try adding other powders and have challenges, try reducing the amount used.

The following have been found to detract from bonding and may cause cracking, splitting of round BBs, draw excess moisture and degrade faster on the shelf. They will not compact as well and will not ship as well. Epsom Salt, Cornstarch, Salt, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

Here are some solutions:

  • Put the powder in the center of the BB. If the ball or shape is large enough, add half the material, make a depression, then add a small amount of powder, fill rest of the way and press.
  • Put the material on top in a dimple and cover with frosting, cocoa but-ter, etc.