Air Soap Cutter Capacity


Soap Cutter Capacity:


Air Soap Cutter™s are capable of cutting more than 120 lbs (54.43 kg), using 600 lbs (272 kg) of cutting force. We try to stay with a design of 85 to 100 lbs (38.5 kg to 45.4 kg) as this makes for easier handling, therefore greater efficiency.

Our soap making equipment is customized to fit to your soap cutting needs & bar size. This soap making equipment is standardized in overall size & general design for the best dollar valve, but allows us to customize your bar size, cutting frame & mold capacities.

You may also purchase extra cutting frames for these soap cutters to produce for example; sample bars, hotel sizes, special customer sizes, etc. Remember! You may be able using the same grids used for your standard bar size to cut samples or different sizes by just shifting the soap on the tables to different positions.