Basic Equipment Needs


I am really interested in buying soap making machinery, but as a novice, how can I tell which equipment is rudimentary to soap making and which maybe optional?


You first have to start with something concrete, for example; how many bars do you want to produce per week. How much space will you have to work in? How many days per week will you be working? This will help us determine the basic equipment you need, number of molds, size of tanks, the proper cutter, etc.

If you are under 1000 bars per week, then I would recommend the Manual Soap Cutter™ and Manual Soap Cutter™ molds.

You can see details for a start up company in soap production here; while on our products website, make sure to look at our Manual Soap Cutter™. The equipment described is a good place to start. This bar size is average and one of the most popular sizes of soap bars. The equipment is very basic and does not cost much. You can make a lot of soap with this basic set up.

If you are over 1000 bars per week you might consider an Air Soap Cutter™ System.