Brief Explanation of Cutting Procedure


A brief explanation of cutting procedures for all soap cutters:


Our Soap Cutters are engineered & machined to precise requirements. The Soap Cutters provide ease of use, precision soap cutting & durability. Both the Air Soap Cutter™ & the Manual Soap Cutter™ are designed to produce bars using two frames, one for loaves & one for bars.


loaf cutting
Diagram of the Layout of loaves, in one cell of the Manual Soap Cutter™ Mold.



The loaf-cutting frame is used first. This cuts the soap block into precise loaves to the size of your bar in width & length (from the view of looking at the face of your bar). A cutting table is grooved to match the same grid pattern as the cutting frame. The block is placed upon this surface & positioned (note: on the Air Soap Cutter™ this is automatically positioned). The loaf-cutting frame is lowered down to the surface of the block & checked for correct position & the cut is made.

After removing the loaves of soap from the soap cutter, the loaf frame is removed as well as the loaf-cutting table.


Diagram of the Layout of bars, in one cell of the Manual Soap Cutter™ Mold.


Bar Cutting. The bar-cutting table is then placed on the locating pins & the loaves are positioned on their side & stacked on the table for the optimum cut, side to side. You may stack the loaves several wide & as high as the cutting length will allow. The bar frame is then brought down to the soap surface & checked for position & then the cut is made. The soap is always removed first, & then the cutting frames then the cutting tables.

Specific molds are made for each cutter although the manual soap cutter mold can be used effectively with an Air Soap Cutter™, if this is purchased at a later date. Manual Soap Cutter™ molds are designed with two cells. Two pours, one to each side can be made. Overall mold dimensions are based on your choice of bar size & are optimized to give you the highest level of efficiency.

Air Soap Cutter™ molds are one cell only & use a grooved bottom, matching the loaf-cutting frame. This doubles as the mold bottom & the cutting table. Locating pins in the gliding table of the Air Soap Cutter™ position the mold bottom/cutting table when the entire mold is placed on the gliding table. The mold is then disassembled, sides & ends, removed. The gliding table is then pushed back under the raised loaf-cutting frame & locked in position. From here, the procedure is the same as the Manual Soap Cutter™.