Butterfly Bath Bomb Mold not working?

The Foot of the Butterfly Mold may stick in the mold if you do not have enough material in it. Deeper molds may require filling half-way, pressing with a couple fingers to compress the material at the bottom of the mold, then fill and finish pressing.

The Butterfly Mold does require the material to be packed in more so than some of the other molds so that all of the crevices are filled. The best way to fill this mold is to fill about half way, then press down with fingers or thumbs, then finish filling. We recommend overfilling a little to begin with, then press down one final time with the palm of your hand. You should also adjust the depth a little.

Your Mix may need to be slightly more damp with this Mold. Make sure to use Witch Hazel to keep what has been mixed damp enough to pass the Clump Test:

  • Take a fist full of mix,
  • squeeze it with your fingers,
  • then drop it back into your bowl from about 4-5 inches above mix
  • and make sure it all holds together.