Calculating Cost Per Bar – Stamping


How long will it take to pay for the Stamper and how much should I figure in cost per bar for stamping?


Unfortunately there is no standard or benchmark from which to give you a cost per bar. All we can give you, is that one can easily stamp about, 5 bars per minute. If set up properly, with a good flow of production, having trays to pull out of and to put stamped bars into, you could possibly do, 10 per minute or more.

Since wages and hourly rates vary from state to state, city to city, the best way to figure costs, is to go by rate of production per hour and divide that into your hourly rate. I would take a conservative figure like 6 per minute to start, 360 per hour and divide that by what your intended hourly rate is. For example, labor at $25 per hour, would be about 7 cents per bar.

How soon the machine would pay for itself would depend on how many bars you will be stamping and whether you have the extra time to spend hand stamping. Is it is more profitable to spend that time selling or producing more soap? It is difficult sometimes, to calculate the labor savings in dollars for a tool. How well the person uses it is a factor. How the tool is used in conjunction with other tools and with the material being worked.