Capacity to Heat Beeswax


Could you please tell me if your Oil-Wax Heater (Melter) s have the capacity to heat beeswax as well? This would be used in cosmetic items, not soap making. Also, it is hard to tell if there are spigot valves for pouring into small containers.


Yes, our Oil-Wax Heater (Melter) s will melt beeswax, candle waxes, and M&P.

The tanks come with Ball Valves. These control large volume flows.

If pouring into bottles or small cavities such as for M&P molds, etc. then it is best to have a reduction to a smaller valve such as a ½” (1.3cm) ball valve.

The ball valve gives you a couple of ways to come out of the tank without reduction of flow and this works as a quick safety shutoff. You could at that time header off. By this, I mean come out with a horizontal pipe with a T fitting, and then go to two valves and fill two containers at once. A little tricky on control but this can be done.

We can provide anything you want as far as valves, piping, etc.