Cleaning Ball Valve


How does one clean the inside/ball valve of the unit? Is there an inner sleeve that lifts out or do I need to disassemble? Or do I run hot water through it till it’s clean, sort of like a coffee urn?


On the larger tanks and large ball valves, we provide a ball valve brush. Most people run the brush thru then a little water. You can also feed a towel thru and just pull it back and forth. For the ¾” valves, you can remove the elbow then feed a twisted up piece of rag through with a stiff wire or dowel rod and then just work it back and forth.

If you are pouring M&P or Candle Wax, you might find it easier to have a Ball Valve Band Heater to keep things warm while cleaning. For the 6 gallon tank, all you need is the Ball Valve Band Heater. For the larger 1½” valves, you would need the HANDcraft Heated Ball Valve Assembly.