Coloring & Swirling


Can you give me some advice on soap coloring and swirling? There is very little information and I am a bit desperate. We have pigments here but they are not dissolving. Do you know anything about that?


If you could tell me the kind of pigments you got and where, it would help possibly. Some are water-soluble and some are oil soluble. It sometimes helps to heat the medium (water/oil) to around 180 F to dissolve.

When we would swirl soap, we would use anywhere from 1/4th to 1/3rd of the entire batch to make the swirl color. It was sometimes difficult to incorporate the scent in the swirl color since it could be getting pretty thick by the time the main pour was made. We would just put all of scent in the base and not divide it up into the swirl solution.

Pour the soap with the swirl color, into the tray in an S pattern, back and forth. Then using a spatula, just swirl it around either across this pattern or with it. Experimentation will show you what look that you prefer. You can do the same with large block molds by just layering it up.

Here are some sites that give tips on swirling.