Concerning a Hopper


How do the raw materials get placed into the hopper and where is the hopper?


There is not a hopper. There is tube which you fill by hand or it can be filled using a measuring cup. When filled, the volume of material is correct for the average size Bath Bomb. If you wish a taller Bath Bomb or a ring around it, then you can pack a little more in. Most people within a short time of using the press, just go by feel, as it both faster and surprisingly accurate.

Concerning a Hopper: As you know, since you are making Bath Bombs now, that the material when mixed, does not flow well when poured.

  • It clings, packs and by it’s own weight compresses itself.
  • Therefore to use a hopper, one would have to design an auger method to dispense the material.
  • Since the material dries quickly and only a couple gallons at a time can be mixed, it may not be a cost effective way of dispensing the material, given the fact that it must be mixed extremely well, to prevent cracking and provide a consistent pack.