Cutting from Slab or Tray Molds


Will the Manual Cutterâ„¢ cut soap from slab or tray molds?


Yes but this is not the most efficient way to mold soap and does not give you the quality that a large block mold will.

There are some considerations to look at. The maximum dimension you can cut with a Manual Soap Cutterâ„¢ is 12″ x 12″ (30.3cm x 30.3cm). Some slab molds are larger than this, requiring them to be cut down. Another consideration is how many wires must pass through the slab. If you pour with your bars on end (longest dimension of bar, being the depth of pour) then you will probably have too many wires, with too much wire surface to push through easily.

Best thing to do, is to contact us and we can assist you in finding the optimum solution.