Demands of HP Soap vs CP Soap


I do HP soap and my demand is getting a little out of hand. I seem to be going from pot to pot on the stove. Can your oil heater do the same thing as my stove does?


We see this dilemma so often from HP people who want to produce a quantity of soap efficiently. About the only way to get HP out of a pot is to pour or dip it out. With our 15 Gallon Oil/Wax Heater, you would have to dip it out. This would be very slow, time consuming and messy. To the best of our knowledge, no one makes a pot with a way to heat and pour out of for HP soap. The only option would be a steam kettle that would run several thousands of dollars at the minimum. Even this does not solve the problem – it would only delay it.

One person can heat and stir about 3 batches of HP soap a day. You could have several kettles but you would be running back and forth between molds and pots, etc. By this time, you were doing all of this, you could be easily pouring 1000 lbs of soap in 7 to 8 hours (by yourself) if you were doing the CP method. And, you would be expending a whole lot less energy doing so.

If you want to produce quality soap in quantity and produce in just a few hours what it otherwise would have taken all day to produce using the HP method, then you need to go to CP soap.

In this day and age when energy costs are also critical, you would save on energy costs with the CP method in that the soap provides its own saponification heat.

Additionally, the overall cost of molds is less. Cutting is a whole lot faster and labor in general is about 1/2 to 1/3 less. Quality of base oils is better as you are not over cooking them.

Most importantly, however, health-wise, you would not be standing around breathing cooking oil and lye fumes all day.

Just some thoughts to think about!