Dispensing Thick Cremes – Water Jacket Tank


We are worried our cream will be too thick to dispense from your steam kettle. Is there any way we can tip the kettle, since the liquid will be too thick for the ball valve?


There should be no problem dispensing from our Water Jacketed Tanks. The tanks are not steam kettles, they are water jackets and use a spout to fill and maintain the jacket liquid. Therefore, you cannot tip them.

The Ball Valve on all tanks from 13 gallon up are 1.50” (38mm). This will allow about any liquid to pass through. Generally, most lotions and creams need to stay suspended around 100°. If they did not it would not have much of a shelf life unless special steps were taken to keep the product cool at all times during transportation, storage and to not be placed in a stores window or on a self where the sun can contact it. It would mean it could not be left in a car or area where then temperature could not be controlled. This means that the product can be warmer when dispensing and will be much thinner.