Drain Plug Removal


We are having trouble removing the drain plug in the Oil Heater tank.


If you are having trouble removing the drain plug on the water-jacketed tank to drain it, there is no sealer on the drain plug, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Try using a wrench that is at least 10”. You may be trying to use a small wrench and you need something longer where you can get some leverage.
  • Try heating up the tank to loosen the plug a little (a quarter turn or so), then cool off and empty the tank.
  • Try using a hammer and hitting it a couple of times, straight on, in the same way you would turn a jar upside down and whack it, to loosen a lid. You will have to use common sense on how hard to hit it.
  • If none of these suggestions work, take it to a plumber or auto repair place and have them remove it for you. It could be there is some sediment in behind the plug, locking it in.