Film Sticks Together


I found PVC film 75gauge and 75gauge Polyofelin, they seem to be difficult to separate from the centerfold to place the soap bars to use the machine. I have an L-bar machine currently but the film I purchased from the machine supplier sticks together and the whole thing is not working out for me, it’s very difficult to use.


There is a way to position the roll of film so that it separates the two layers as you dispense it. You are feeding the film directly from the roller(s) without having one layer go above this spreading device (could be a plate, an arm, etc) and one layer goes below the device. It’s not working properly because you most likely do not have the film seated properly.

That having been said, with an L sealer, you will only wrap single bars at a time…and waste film doing so. Even if you do wrap a sleeve of 4 bars at once, you will have to reposition the sleeve 4 times to separate the individual bars. The wand system, when used to wrap soap, eliminates all this motion, you load 16-30 bars, and you don’t have to touch them individually again, until you are ready to shrink the second side of each bar.