Full Production System


I am interested in your full production system. Can you tell me what would be possible to do with it?


There are many levels of production “Full” could mean, 1000 bars per week to one person and 10,000 bars, per week to another. Below are some suggestions and comments, giving an idea of what is possible, with what we might call an average, Air Soap Cutter™ Production System.

A complete production system, less storage and drying space can be accomplished in a space of less than 16’ x 16’, giving close attention to work flow and access to oils and ingredients. Some oil storage can be in this area.

Drying can be accomplished in very small area by stacking trays higher than the avg. 6 feet (1.8m). These can actually stack up to 8 feet (2.4m).

You want an efficient, dependable, system that all you have to do is add a piece or two to step up to the next level without changing anything in the basic system and flow of production. That can be done with this system.

One Air Soap Cutter™ with one person operating can cut, rack and maintain 3000 to 4000 or more, large bars in an eight-hour day; one person can pour the same amount in a day. Much depends on bar size, formula complexity and proper layout. This of course is exceeded with experience.

Hotel size, starting out at around 5000 per day. More time is spent in racking the bars. The actual cutting time is only a couple hours.

By using our liner paper for lining, shortening for sticking and a plastic putty knife; the paper can be quickly applied and made smooth, eliminating any need for a trim cut. Lining a mold takes about 30 seconds to a minute.

A general rule of thumb is one mold pour per hour when first starting out; this includes, pouring, mixing, measuring all oils, eo’s, fo’s and lye.

Allow a possible three-day rotation for curing in the soap mold.

If using scales under the oil, lye tank or Pot Tipper and pumping directly out of the oil barrels into the Oil-Wax Heater (Melter); you can again reduce production and pouring time considerably; by possibly half.

Lye and Oil-Wax Heater (Melter) can be pre-loaded the end of the day and can be on a set timer to turn on just prior to your start up time.