Heat Gun – Avoid Melting M&P Soap


How do I avoid my melt and pour glycerin soap from melting and sticking to the films and melting as I use a heat gun?


Are you using a heat gun or a hair dryer? With a heat gun, the film shrinks quickly…it will still get stuck to the wet spots, but the trick is to use a high enough heat so that the process is done quickly.

In terms of the appearance of the film, your packaging options to wrap the soap in a manner that protects the composition of the bar inexpensively…is shrink wrap.

In a perfect world, you could fold-and-glue the wrappers on the soap (they are NEVER shrink-wrapped by the big companies)…but this machine will wrap 50 bars a minute, and cost you $28,000.

With the shrink system you can process 100 bars in about 20 minutes (once you know what you’re doing). This system costs about $400.

The important thing, not to lose sight of, is that wrapped, in the eyes of your customers, a given bar of soap is free of contaminants from both the environment as well as other customers. THIS is the real reason we wrap the bars…to eliminate the concern of the customer regarding the purity of the product. A few wrinkles in the packaging will not shake that faith. The fact that it protects your bar is a bonus.