Helpful Suggestion


Helpful Suggestions from a Customer


A Soap Stamper suggestion: I have stamped approximately 250 bars of soap (I think the time it took, collectively, was about an hour!) – and I still love the Soap Stamper! On a few of my bars of soap I did notice some pulling out of the E in Sundries, the F in of, and the U in Paul. My solution

I took a damp sponge, put it on a plate, and simply swiped it over the surface of the stamper before each stamping (for those recipes where I was having some trouble).

It took no time, and completely solved the problem – there was no sticking what so ever – the stamping was exceptionally clean (I tried swiping with oil – but that didn’t work very well at all).

In fact, I think I’m going to make this a part of my stamping technique – the result was to clean. I’m actually going to go to the crafts store and see if I can’t find a “blank” stamp pad that I can wet with water instead of ink, and use that with each stamping.

I felt that this might even have worked with smaller fonts or stamps with intricate details. Anyway, just thought I’d pass this along in case you were looking for helpful suggestions for your customers. Thanks again!