How the Soap Shaper Works


The Soap Shaper intrigues me. Can you explain how it works; particularly, with scraps of cold process soaps as I have not been able to find a use for these so far. ? I’m assuming you dampen them (during grinding) with a bit of water and then somehow stuff it in the Soap Shaper…? Or must the scraps be melted as in re-batching and then put in the Soap Shaper…?


You are mostly correct.

You grind the waste scraps of soap in a meat grinder, spritz with water as necessary, making a smooth pliable, consistency.

You then put it in the tube, replace the cap and mold shape, then squeeze the trigger.

Loading the tube is easier if you pat the soap into round, fat, sausage like shapes, so they fit right into the tube.

You do not melt the soap.