How to Test if your Liquid is too Thick

“Is my liquid too thick”…How to test it.

  • Make a cone using a standard 8 ½” by 11” (215mm x 280mm) piece of printer paper.
  • Roll a cone so the length (height) of the cone is the 8 ½” (215mm) dimension. The top opening should be about 3” (76mm) across and the hole must be ½” (13mm) across.
  • Put a piece of tape on the overlap to hold the cone together.
  • Hold the cone loosely in your hand (Do Not Squeeze, that’s cheating :o))
  • Put 8 ounces (236ml) of your liquid into the cone.
  • Start counting the drops (globs) of liquid as it runs out.
  • Counting; one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, etc.; will be close to a second. If you are not sure, time yourself or you can have someone keep time for you.
  • The pump will pump the liquid if is runs out at about 1 second per glob or less.
  • More time than that is doubtful. If you want to make doubly sure, send at least 24 ounces of material to us, and we will physically test it in the pump.