Issues with Hobbyist Trays


Hi, we have been trying out the smaller versions of your trays and we find the surface can look rather grainy due to the scraping of the excess lip balm from the top of the tray. Then, when you pull out the lip balm tube there is residue on the edges. When you wipe it off you have wipe marks on the top of the balm, versus the smooth surface with doing the single pour.

With more practice does this problem resolve itself? What advice can you give us before I jump in and buy the really large trays you sell?


We don’t make a smaller version lip balm tray. We make 225 and 450 tube trays. If you are talking about those hobbyist trays that are $14.95, that is someone else entirely.

The process of making our trays is totally different than the process of making those small trays. See our article Why Mill the Trays? for more information about how our lip balm trays are made.