Mixing Speeds in Pot Tipper


How fast do you mix in a Pot Tipper and what do you use?


I am assuming you want to mix CP (cold processed) soap.

Trace times on CP soap can take a long, long time as you know.

We recommend our Pot Whipper, which has Nitrile, flexible blades which become more aggressive as the speed picks up by creating a fluttering action. The blades are actually cupped to create a downward pull. This creates a faster, more thorough mix and, makes it easier to pull in additives, herbs, etc. This also eliminates air bubbles common to paddle blades and mixers not made for stirring soap.

You must mix at speeds above 1200 rpm or it will take you a long time to reach trace, especially an all olive oil soap. Actually 1500 to 1800 is best and always stir at a 10° to 15° degree angle. You should reach trace in 5 to 7 minutes with a palm, coconut, olive base.