Mold Dolly for Air Soap Cutter System


In the proposal for the Air Soap Cutter™ system, you suggested that for my operation, it would be helpful if I had six (6) 4-wheel mold dollies as well as two (2) tray dollies. Are these dollies the same?


No, they are not the same. The six (6) dollies (mold dollies) are for setting the Air Soap Cutter™ Molds onto, making it easier to move them around to and from the Pot Tipper and the Air Soap Cutter™. These soap mold dollies are made to fit the underside of your mold. They fit inside the bottom rim of your Air Soap Cutter™ Mold and therefore, they are locked in and will not slide out. The two (2) tray dollies are for your vented drying trays.