No Trimming Needed


I have several of the small lip balm filling trays (Plastic Tom) which only hold 50 tubes. I don’t like having to trim the lip balm after removing the tubes from the trays. When the filled lip balm is removed from your trays, is the lip balm flush with the tube rim or does it need to be trimmed?


There is no trimming needed. Our Lip Balm Trays are machined to a lip tolerance of, 0.005” (0.012mm) and generally average, 0.005” to 0.015” (0.012-0.038mm) but due to the variance in the plastic and in temperature, during the time of machining. We require an allowance of 0.020” (0.03mm) which is the thickness of 5 pieces of copy paper from top of tray to the lip of the tube.

The little lip balm trays you have are injection molded. Tight tolerances cannot be held using this type of method. This is due to the fact that the plastic formula maybe off, the injection temperature can be wrong, the injection mold itself is old or maybe not made properly in the first place.

Our trays are milled from an extruded sheet of HDPE Plastic. All four sides are measured with calipers, before milling the holes, to help insure that our specified tolerances are met from one side of the tray to the other. This process allows each and every hole to be precise every time.