Recipe Classes


What’s the difference between recipe classes and recipe types?


Recipe classes are like “folders”. You can create any class names you want to help you classify and organize your recipes into groups or categories.

The classes provided with SoapMaker are just for illustration purposes; you can use them or replace them with something meaningful to you.

Recipe types determine the behavior of the recipe form. There are 3 recipe types:

  • Solid soap (the default when you open a new recipe)
  • Liquid soap – the lye section uses potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide
  • Non-soap – the lye section is disabled, and the water amount is entered directly, rather than calculated. The weight measurements have greater precision. Use the “non-soap” type for lotions, salves, etc.

When you open a new recipe, you can select the desired type by choosing “Change type” under the Recipe menu.