Shipping Rates


Your shipping was more than I expected. What rates do you use?


Thank you for contacting us. With the dramatic increase in on-line shopping these past few years, shoppers are increasingly looking for discounts on shipping.

Some on-line companies due to their volume of sales can afford to absorb some of the costs of shipping.

In reality, however, a lot of companies, mark up the cost of their products to make up for their low shipping costs. Someone, someplace, has to pay for each and every part of the cost of doing business if that company expects to stay in business.

Most large retailers who offer deep shipping discounts are doing so to attract customers (and it works).

Some retailers like Amazon and, as an example, that handle a large sales volume can truly afford to offer deeper discounts because they can demand (and receive) better shipping rates than smaller businesses.

You see, shipping rates are also based upon volume!

When comparing shipping costs, one must also be sure to compare “apples to apples”.

There are several components that make up a particular shipping quote. Some of these are commercial or residential, rural/ remote locations, size, weight and dimension of the package. If the weight is more than the shipper’s formula for the given size, then dimensional weight is applied. As example, this means that although the package may weigh 10 pounds, the shipping rate may be based upon 15 pounds. So even if you are in a commercial location, weight and size still matter.

All of these components are taken into consideration in the one shipping quote you receive.

We negotiate regularly with UPS and are successful at getting our rates reduced. The rates we offer take into consideration all of the factors above. We choose to show the true costs of doing business by not adding on anything extra to the cost of our equipment to make-up for a “reduced” shipping rate. This is also the fairest way to treat our customers. Some customers pick up their orders at our shop. We would not want them paying more for their equipment, as an example.

Comparing our company – a company that specializes in serving the handcrafted soap industry – to very large companies like Amazon is simply not fair. Amazon does not exist to serve one specific industry. We manufacture our equipment and we sell it directly to you, our customer. There is no way we can compete with their volume and there is no way we are going to inflate our prices to offer lower shipping.

Our mission is to serve the handcrafted soap industry and to offer the finest equipment available at the best price available. Shipping is what it is and there is nothing we can do to change it other than to keep building our business, increasing the volume of shipping to be able to continue to negotiate better rates and to continue to pass the true costs of shipping on. You can have us ship it to a different location if you wish – one that is commercial or one that is not rural, etc., if any of these factors apply to your particular situation.