Shrink Wrap Gauge Humid Weather


I live in Malaysia which very hot and extremely humid weather.

I am interested in the 18″ shrink wrap machine with Polyofelin 75 gauge. I have tried PVC 75 gauge equivalent and I feel it won’t let the scent through with this. I would like to know if I can switch the 75gauge to 100gauge because I have tested local shrink films that were 75 gauge and they leave my soaps with wet spots and it wrinkles. Do you have any suggestions?


The film sticks to the wet spots on the bar. The wetter the spot, the more it gets stuck, with the attendant wrinkles and surface faults. Thicker film, 75 gauge, versus 60 gauge, will LESSEN, but not eliminate this issue. 100 gauge will look better, and have less sticking then either of the thinner films….but is virtually impossible to open with your fingers…you need a sharp implement of sorts. That’s why most M&P soapmakers that want the scent to come through use the 75 gauge polyolefin.