Single Cavity Molds – Large Quantities


I want to produce soap in large quantities but in single molds with a 3D look and hopefully with a logo. Would this be cost effective?


M&P (melt & pour) soap works well with single cavity molds but CP (cold processed) does not.

The soap must go through a saponification stage where the sodium hydroxide / water and oils combine to form soap and glycerin. Heat generated by this process, helps in the conversion of the oils.

Small cavity molds do not allow the soap to fully develop and finish off and you get an inferior quality soap.

You also generally get ash on the top of the bar that must be removed by scraping it off, again displaying incomplete conversion of oils.

M&P would be fine for single cavity, 3D molds but it is not cost effective for CP production.

M&P can be cooled rapidly and de-molded fairly quickly. CP must sit for 12 hours or more, even in the small cavity molds.

Large production of M&P has it’s problems which we can explain if you like.