Soapers Scale Accuracy


I am looking at your Soapers Scale. If I wanted 6.893 ounces, would that come up? Also, some of my friends have scales that they purchased from a different supplier and I have heard a lot of complaints about the “accuracy” in that it won’t always weigh the items the same two times in a row.


The Soapers Scale reads to 2 decimal places but it is in .05 oz at a time.

As an example, if you had a weight that was 4.05 ounces, and you added something very small, the next reading would be 4.10 ounces.

If you need to have be more accurate than that, then you set it to weigh in grams instead of ounces. A gram is 0.352 of an ounce. The Soapers Scale also weighs in lbs and ounces or just lbs and of course, kg which you probably would not use since you are here in the States.

You want to check the maximum weight for any scale that you purchase and be sure that you do not overload it. Neither should you operate it in close proximity to cell phones and other electronic gadgets like computer monitors or TV sets that transmit magnet impulses. These can cause your scale to change weights as it picks up on the transmission frequencies. This is true with most scales of this type. An even surface is another essential to have accurate weights. We do not have any of the issues with it changing weights when I weigh the same object.

The best thing to do is to decide what it is you will be using it for. Check the maximum weight – is it okay? Then, determine how accurate you need for it to be? If it fits those 2 requirements, then you should be okay.