Split Ball Valve


The ball valve split on my tank. What do we do now?


You did not explain how you think it split but I can tell you what we have found over the years. If this is not it then please explain.

If someone is removing the ball valve for cleaning (which is not necessary to remove to clean), each time it is taken off and on the threads will wear. It is also unlikely that the Teflon tape will be replaced which then means that the number of turns to retighten change. That one extra turn to get the handle in the right position can be all it takes to split the valve. The stainless steel nipple is tapered and it is like driving a wedge into a piece of wood. Even brass valves will split.

The above is generally not an issue with an owner operated scenario but with employees, it can be. There is always the one that wants to make sure that valve doesn’t start spinning off on its own.

Look at your Tank Instructions and you may find a fix for that Ball Valve. It is fast and very inexpensive.