Starter Pack and Information


We would like to start a business in soap making, but we have very little idea of how. We would appreciate if you could supply us with a starter pack about soap making, and also magazines for it, and advise us on all the things needed to be able to make soaps.


We have a starter pack that can be seen here. We also have a number of books that will answer many of your questions. There is a great deal of information on our website concerning, systems, layouts for the equipment, production, etc.

Also on our links page you will find several organizations devoted to helping people in our industry to expand or start a business.

See also, some of the links here.

SunFeather Natural Soaps has a great mentoring program for existing and start-up businesses. They are also one of our distributors.


Other groups and organizations are:

Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild –

Hand Made Beauty Network –

The Soap-Wire –