Quantity Limits for Willow Bath Bomb Press


What manufacturing limit is specified for the Willow Bath Bomb Press? We make about 100 bombs an hour, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Would it hold up making that quantity and is that guaranteed?


There is no limit that we know of. The production numbers would be relative to the number of presses, people and ability of the producer to set up and maintain an efficient production.

There is a warranty, not sure what else is needed here.

You may want to consider the EZ Way Bath Bomb Press™. Its Pneumatic (Air Powered) which of course will be much faster.

Press One Bath Bomb every 15 Seconds


Does the 10-15 second time when using the Willow Bath Bomb Press™ include pouring in the mixture?


Yes, with a little experience this should be easy to do. This does not include of course, mixing the materials. Some mix a lot at a time and some just few pieces at a time. The number of ingredients used, measuring methods, etc. will also affect how quickly the batch is mixed and ready to press.

In all cases; the use of efficient production methods, will speed the number of pieces per minute.

For example:

  • Having all the dry ingredients measured and mixed.
  • Having all the liquids mixed.
  • Multiple batches in readiness to combine ingredients, set up for the entire days work.
  • Having a fast and effective means of mixing.
  • Having work space height, stools, access, drying racks and work flow properly arranged, will make a world of difference.
  • A few minors factors that are often forgotten are clean up, breaks, start up, think time, etc.
  • These can add up to an amazing amount of lost time.
  • When you set up to produce, try to do it for an entire work day.

For the production described, screw the Press down to your work table. It will beef up the press table and also prevent it from moving around.