Tray Foam – Fizzy Foam


We recently bought some tray foam to place our maxiball’s on and have experienced some difficulty. The bath bombs have been sticking to the foam and also are indented from the foam’s peaks.

Have you seen this before? Any suggestions?


Bath Bombs sticking to the tray foam is an indication of your mixture being too wet. The deep dimples from placing them on the foam is another indication of them being too wet.

Too much wetness will also reduce the nice fizz that your customers love when using the bath bombs.

You may want to try a couple of different things with the fizzy foam that some of our customers have done.

  1. Cover the foam with cloth, like a pillow case. When your bath bombs are set ready for package, simply take the cloth or pillow case off the foam and throw it in the washing machine for extra easy clean-up for you.
  2. For larger size bombs, turn your fizzy foam over (flat side) to avoid dimpling of any kind.

If you are not using Witch Hazel you might try it. It sets up quicker, helps in release and may help the BBs hold together better.

It is very rare that we encounter a case like this but it generally has to do with compaction and moisture. We get a lot of re-sales on our Fizzy Foam so we know it is working. We do hope this information is of help to you.