Trouble Assembling Air Soap Cutter Mold


I am having trouble getting my Air Soap Cutterâ„¢ mold bottom into the groove?


First off, you want to make sure you are re-assembling your molds when you de-mold. This will keep them from warping. If you do have to stack the parts, make very sure each panel is flat.

Occasionally a customer with an Air Soap Cutterâ„¢ mold may have a slight problem getting a mold bottom into the groove because the grooves allowing some bowing. We do compensate for most of this with relief grooves on the opposite side.

To get it started, just start at one corner and roll it into the groove taping with your rubber mallet. It will slide right in. This will become easier as you use them. You can put a little shortening on them to make them slip in easier? The heat from the saponification process will expand the dados and the oils you leave in them will make assembly easy. If you make a lot of soap, in 6 months you probably won’t need a rubber hammer.