Using Fillable Christmas Tree Ornaments


I make bath bombs using Plastic Acrylic Fillable Christmas Ball Ornaments. Is using your Bath Bomb Press any faster? Does it make harder bath bombs?


The answer to both of your questions is, YES.

One very important and added benefit is, and we don’t mean to alarm you and know that it is difficult to stay on top of everything; your customers will not be exposed to toxicity, inherent from the decomposing plastic.

I am sure you have noticed how your molds eventually degrade, get sticky and start…sort of disappearing? The plastic is breaking down, out-gassing and… is becoming part of your Bath Bombs. The citric acid, oils and fragrances break down the plastic and it’s all downhill from there. But, that is not the bigger problem, your customer is getting into a tub with warm to very warm water and then soaking in it. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it is very porous and it is only a short trip to the blood stream.

Our molds are made of materials approved for containing food and or water. They do not break down or degrade with citric acid, fragrance oils, essential oils, vegetable oils, etc.