Using our Soap Molds


Brief explanation on the use of our Custom Soap Molds.


  • All soap molds are 15 ¾ ” (40 cm) high. (Pouring depth is no higher than 13 ½ in or 34.29 cm)
  • All use threaded rods & wing nuts to lock them together.
  • Soap Mold components are grooved to fit precisely & nest together.
  • All molds are constructed of ¾ ” High Density Plastic. They are very durable & built to last.
  • Even though the material is considered non-stick, with soap it is not. Below is our recommended method for release but do not let this prevent you from experimenting. 

    Soap Mold Release Liner
    Soap Mold Release Liner
  • We highly recommend the use of our Special Release, Liner Paper to line the Soap Molds.
  • You may also use a plastic coated freezer or parchment paper. Both are available at restaurant suppliers.
  • A thin coating of shortening, using a plastic spackling knife – 4″ to 6″ (10-15 cm) – available at a local hardware store – to smooth out the paper works very well.
  • You can pre-cut the bottom pieces; the sides & ends or you can cut the paper to wrap all the sides & ends in one piece.
  • Simply roll it up; set it on the bottom & starting in one corner, work the paper around, tucking the paper tightly into the corners with the putty knife.
  • Using a razor blade knife, trim off excess paper at the top & at the overlap (Note: our liner is already pre-cut to the right height).
  • Just drop the pre-cut bottom in the mold & smooth out. The shortening can be added to several times, then scraped off after several uses & replaced.

You also use a paper on the bottom of the Air Soap Cutter™ molds, even though they are grooved for the wires. The paper simply depresses & allows the wire to pass the soap. This paper makes it much easier for the loaves to be removed.