Water Distiller Recommendation


I use distilled water and am researching distillers. Is there a water distiller you would recommend and that does not take up a lot of space?


You would be best to go with reverse osmosis (RO). Distillers are a real pain, lots of maintenance, energy costs are very high and they take up a lot of space. Distilled water is dead water….no life. Distilled water provides no benefit to a product at all, except as a medium. Some studies show that when consumed, distilled water actually leaches minerals and nutrients from the body.

We actually sold distillers at one time but found RO equipment to be much less costly in equipment, energy efficiency, easy to install and very little maintenance. An RO unit will produce cleaner water, less than 0.1 ppm (parts per million). Cost is pennies a gallon. A unit producing, 50 or more gallons (190L) per day, will take up very little space, around 18″x 18″x 12″ (46cm x 46cm x 31cm).