When Should I Cut My Soap?


When should I cut my soap?


Cutting Your Soap:

  1. It is very important when using a wire cutter to cut the soap as soon as possible. Letting the soap cure and harden too long will result in breaking or stretching the wires.
  2. At first, start checking Manual Cutterâ„¢ Molds after about 20 hours. They will usually be ready between 24 and 36 hours but this can vary greatly. Start checking Air Cutterâ„¢ Molds after about 36 hours. Again these are usually ready at about two to three days. Main thing here is observe and take notes on your first few pours. This will eliminate mistakes.
  3. Smaller pours require less cure time. Many factors affect curing time. These range from, but are not restricted to; environmental surroundings, humidity, air temperature, insulation method and your soap recipe.
  4. You may test your soap by pushing on the top center of the pour. If it is spongy, it is not ready. If it is firm, yet still soft, it is ready.
  5. You can also test with a thermometer. Check in the center about mid-way down from the top. It should be ready when the temperature is below 90 degrees (F). After a while you will know by the look and feel of your pour.