Why Should You Have The Proper Tools?


How important are the tools of your trade?  Why is the proper equipment critical?


Say you have 10 small tray molds that you paid $250 for and they make 400 bars, a few months later you have more new customers and you need to double this. Do you spend another $250 and plug the gap or do you see, this is going nowhere? If you grow and hopefully you are planning to, eventually you will be forced to change. Maybe it would be better to look at making it easier to grow and finding a more profitable way to supply your customer base.

What about your own time in dealing with an inefficient method?

Is it worthwhile to make, 10,000 bars, twice as fast, over the course of a year….a month? Can you take this time and focus it into sales? Would it be worthwhile?

All you have to do is consider the role tools have played in the advance of our species.

There are many, things that can boost production, save time, make life easier. TOOLS are to us what claws are to a lion or speed is to a gazelle. A broken claw on the fore paw of a lion is a loss of 10% of it’s probability in having lunch that day. We as humans have the advantage of going beyond what we were born with. The invention of the wheel definitely increased our status in the scheme of things but imagine how much quicker things moved with the rubber tire.