Wire Information


I have a few questions about your wires. I have a cutter with guitar tuners and it keeps losing tension. I am not at all thrilled about this. I have to constantly, re-adjust the wire tension. Another problem is trying to turn the knobs, it is very hard to do when putting a lot of tension on the wire. What is your method? Is each wire, individually controlled with your cutters, and how are they tightened?

Right now, I think I use an 18 gauge wire and some of my harder bars are very hard to cut. After one or two cuts, I have to redo the tension on the wire.


The problem with using a heavy wire and guitar tuners is that the tuner cannot handle the heavy wire. The end result is that it slips and loses tension. We machine our tension bolts to hold the wire so it does not slip. Our system pulls straight through. The wires do not wrap around the bolt. We make tens of thousands of these bolts every year and have found no better method. With that said, we are always looking for ways to improve.

Once it is tensioned a couple times, they should not need to be adjusted again. There should be little stretch left. Our wire is made to our specification, and is about half again the tensile strength of standard piano wire, in comparable gauges. We have customers who have gone several years before re-tensioning their wires. We try to get most of the stretch out of the wire before it leaves here.

As to individually tied wires, we loop some wires but they have tension bolts on each end. Each bolt essentially has one wire. If you want individual wires, we can do this for a small charge but it makes no difference in the performance of our system.